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How older workers deal with ageism

According to research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, seniors over the age of 65 are expected to be the fastest-growing demographic in workforce by the year 2022. Despite this trend, 60 percent of older employees have either seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace. Even though there are laws in place against discriminating against employees 40 years or older, many people in this age group report being passed up from promotion or hearing negative comments about their age.

Southwest Airlines sued over breakroom for whites only

Tennessee frequent flyers might be interested in news about a racial discrimination lawsuit that has been filed against Southwestern Airlines. The lawsuit was filed by a former employee who claims that the airline allowed some employees to set up a whites-only break room at an airport where he worked. He also says that he was fired from his job for an infraction that was also committed by white employees, but they were not fired.

How older women can report hiring or workplace discrimination

While the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects people in Tennessee and other states against discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex and national origin, it's the Age Discrimination in Employment Act that offers protection against discrimination due to age. Because of this separation, individuals filing discrimination charges have to determine which type of discrimination applies most to their situation. This is sometimes a difficult choice for older women, nearly two-thirds of whom report having seen or experienced age-related discrimination at work according to an AARP survey.

JPMorgan settles case for $24 million

JPMorgan has agreed to spend $24 million to settle a lawsuit from six black employees who alleged that there was systemic racism within the organization. Of the $24 million the company will pay, $4.5 million will go toward anti-bias training for employees in Tennessee and other states. The other $19.5 million is going to be split among 250 employees who either are or were associated with the company.

Age discrimination an enforcement priority

In 1967, Congress approved the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. It was intended to prevent age-related discrimination in the workplace. Workers' positions were to be based on merit and ability rather than age. This is an especially important protection for older workers in Tennessee and across the country, but courts have made it extremely difficult to apply the ADEA's protections. The EEOC has prioritized the enforcement of the act as the employment landscape changes in the post-recession era.

How freelancers can prevent discrimination

Increasing numbers of people in Tennessee participate in the gig economy. While the work may be flexible, employment law offers freelancers almost no protection from discrimination and harassment. Antiquated laws currently ignore the needs of independent contractors, but freelancers can take the proactive steps of carefully vetting potential clients and using discriminatory behavior clauses in contracts.

Company is sued for gender discrimination

Workers in Tennessee who are concerned about workplace discrimination may be interested to learn that Nike is facing a lawsuit filed by four female employees. The suit is among the first filed against the athletic apparel company since multiple complaints regarding bullying and pay discrepancies were published in early 2018.

Addressing and correcting gender-bias issues in the workplace

The #MeToo movement has sparked a dialog about sexual harassment in workplaces throughout Tennessee and across the country. It's a movement that has broadened to include discussions about all forms of sexual discrimination in the workplace, including so-called "micro-inequities." These are subtle gender-based biases that are often difficult to prove. Such instances can include spotlighting achievements of male workers and downplaying similar efforts by female employees. Body language, vocal tone and gestures can also be part of less obvious forms of gender-bias.

AARP survey says workplace age discrimination is common

According to a survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons, more than 90 percent of workers at least 45 years of age said they thought age discrimination was common. People in Tennessee work into their 50s and 60s to make money and lead fulfilling lives, but they sometimes encounter discrimination at the workplace based on age. More than 61 percent of the people surveyed by the AARP said they'd personally experienced or seen age discrimination occur.

Uber executive resigns following discrimination concerns

Despite progress over the years, workplace discrimination continues to be a serious problem affecting women and people of color. This is even the case in some of the largest, most well-publicized companies in Tennessee and across the country. For example, the head of human resources at ride-sharing company Uber resigned in July following a number of scandals related to workplace harassment and discrimination.

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