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Many women working in the veterinary field in Tennessee and other states are facing discrimination. Despite the fact that women outnumber men in this field, females are less likely to occupy positions in the higher reaches of the profession.

According to a recent report published in Veterinary Record, clients who seek care for their animals often treat women as having less credibility and competence than men. This threatens the professional identities of many women. Some women who are veterinarians have had the experience of visiting farms and having their clients request male veterinarians to visit them instead. In many cases, senior veterinarians do not challenge this blatant sexism because they are either oblivious to the problem or do not want to upset to their clients.

In addition, there is also discrimination in veterinary practices. Part of the problem is a widely held belief that many women do not want to seek promotions because they are only interested in part-time work. Climbing the hierarchy in this profession is difficult for women since it’s perceived that they will have to sacrifice their careers for family. Women who work part-time, because of family obligations or other reasons, are usually not taken seriously in their practices. Researchers have seen that women typically dominate the lower ranks while men dominate the senior ranks.

A woman who feels that she has been the victim of workplace discrimination may wish to speak with an employment law attorney. The attorney might be able to provide legal advice regarding the specific case, draw up documents and even represent the client in court.