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Bars in Tennessee and throughout the country tend to have reputations where harassment and other forms of poor behavior are tolerated. According to one survey, 71% of woman have experienced harassment in any type of public venue. While it is easy to use alcohol as an excuse for a person’s poor decisions at a bar, it isn’t solely to blame.

In some cases, bar owners and staff don’t want to call out a patron for fear that he or she will stop spending money there. By acknowledging that it is a good thing to call out harassment wherever it happens, bars and restaurants can do their part to create a safe environment for all customers. Bartenders and other employees may be able to spot harassment by listening to conversations or looking for nonverbal signs that a person is uncomfortable.

Another technique that can be used to control a patron’s behavior is to refuse to serve that person any more alcohol. This says that money does not give anyone the right to be rude or controlling toward another human being. In New York City, a proposed law would fine a bar $500 for each time it failed to intervene when a person was being harassed on its premises.

Those who are subject to harassment at work may also be subject to a hostile working environment. This may mean that an employee is entitled to compensation or other forms of relief from an employer. An attorney may review a case to determine how a harassment victim should pursue his or her case. Legal counsel may be able to represent a worker whether the matter is resolved through a settlement or through a trial.