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Two separate lawsuits have been filed against WeWork by two former company executives, alleging gender and age discrimination. Discriminatory actions by companies in Tennessee may give employees causes of action. A 62-year-old man who was once a WeWork vice president says the company discriminated against him because of his age just after he started to work there. He came on board with WeWork when the company acquired a portion of a construction company that he was then a part of.

Once he was hired, he says he relocated for the company but another person was hired with the same title shortly thereafter. The man says he was soon being excluded from meetings while the other employee, who is 20 years younger, took over many of his duties. The man raised the issue with the company’s human resources department in February and was told he was being terminated in April. He would have begun to receive stock options as part of his compensation less than a month later.

Another former company executive filed suit alleging gender discrimination due to pay differences at WeWork. She was in charge of benefits and compensation for the company and said she found a man and a woman working the same job were paid $123,000 and $85,000 respectively. Her lawsuit claims she was put on leave shortly after she reported the gender pay gap to WeWork. She said the company’s co-president told her that men take risks and women do not take risks.

People in Tennessee who believe they have faced or witnessed workplace discrimination might want to have their cases evaluated by a lawyer. A lawyer with experience practicing employment law might be able to help by conducting witness interviews or otherwise gathering evidence to build a case for trial. A lawyer might be able to negotiate a settlement for money damages or other relief.