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Tennessee residents may be aware that the McDonald’s Corporation has adopted a zero-tolerance position toward sexual harassment and vowed to take accusations of inappropriate behavior more seriously. The company’s position was established after workers at restaurants in 10 cities walked out in protest over the matter in September 2018. A series of sexual harassment lawsuits and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints filed recently by more than two dozen female McDonald’s employees suggest that the company may not be living up to these promises.

The workers, who are supported by advocacy groups including the American Civil Liberties Union and Time’s Up, accuse McDonald’s senior executives of not enforcing the zero tolerance policy and not providing training designed to combat sexual harassment to its restaurant managers and workers. The complaints deal with incidents that allegedly took place in McDonald’s restaurants in 20 U.S. cities involving victims as young as 16 years of age. McDonald’s employees claim that they were subjected to lewd and inappropriate comments in the workplace, groped by managers or supervisors and propositioned for sex.

The complaints will be formally announced on May 21 during a protest that will be held outside McDonald’s Corporation’s Chicago headquarters. The protest will take place just two days before McDonald’s executives and investors travel to Dallas for the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting. McDonald’s workers in cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Kansas City have filed EEOC complaints, according to media reports.

Most sexual harassment victims do not have powerful advocacy groups and mainstream media outlets on their side, but that does not mean that they are unable to pursue civil remedies. Attorneys with experience in this area could help victims to gather the evidence they need to support their claims.