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Boeing faces lawsuit from employee who says he was harassed

Some Tennessee employees may be aware that they are usually protected against workplace harassment that is based on such qualities as race, national origin or religion. In South Carolina, a 57-year-old man who was a quality inspector with Boeing says he was subject to racial harassment at work and that when he complained about it, the company retaliated against him.

Tennessee health care group to pay workers $92,510 in back wages

A Tennessee health care provider that once operated 10 pediatric clinics in the state will pay 31 of its current and former employees $92,510 in back wages for violating provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. According to a Department of Labor press release, an investigation conducted by the agency's Wage and Hour Division uncovered evidence of violations of the law's overtime, recordkeeping and minimum wage requirements. During the course of the investigation, seven of the company's 10 clinics closed their doors.

Drunk and distracted drivers could endanger you on the road

Traffic laws exist for a reason, and that reason is the safety of everyone on the road. By following the rules of the road, drivers can reduce their risk of a crash. Although most of us can ignore the fact that we are hurtling around at high speeds encased in a box of glass, polycarbonate and metal, some drivers get rude awakenings and reminders of the danger of driving when they wind up involved in a collision.

SGO survey finds sexual harassment among gynecologic oncologists

The problem of sexual harassment can appear within any profession in Tennessee, including medical professionals. When the Society of Gynecologic Oncology surveyed its 1,566 US members, 255 women and 147 men responded. The responses indicated that both women and men had experienced sexual harassment while training for their careers or in practice.

What is employment discrimination?

Employees shouldn't have to deal with work decisions that are based on something that doesn't have anything to do with their job performance. Unfortunately, people in this country deal with discrimination at work on a daily basis. There are state and federal laws that help to protect workers from discrimination, but some employers do not always follow these laws.

Job discrimination protection for veterans

Job seekers in Tennessee are legally protected against many types of discrimination that could prevent them from gaining employment. These protections extend to current and former military members. However, job-related discrimination against veterans isn't always as obvious as refusing to rehire a veteran after they serve. It may also involve subtle actions, such as recruiters not considering equivalent military experience like driving complex military vehicles or serving in a leadership role in combat situations.

The social impact of reporting sexual harassment

Individuals who work in Tennessee may experience sexual harassment or see it happen to someone else. In some cases, they may choose to report what they experienced or saw to their employers. However, this could have an impact on their careers, and it is why some victims don't immediately report instances of sexual harassment to their superiors or others. For instance, reporting sexual harassment to an employer could hinder a woman's ability to receive a promotion.

McDonald's workers file sexual harassment complaints

Tennessee residents may be aware that the McDonald's Corporation has adopted a zero-tolerance position toward sexual harassment and vowed to take accusations of inappropriate behavior more seriously. The company's position was established after workers at restaurants in 10 cities walked out in protest over the matter in September 2018. A series of sexual harassment lawsuits and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaints filed recently by more than two dozen female McDonald's employees suggest that the company may not be living up to these promises.

Legal profession study reveals widespread sexual harassment

The results of a recent survey suggest that women in the legal profession in Tennessee and around the country often face discrimination and harassment in the workplace. The International Bar Association and a leading market research firm asked 7,000 legal professionals in 135 countries about their day-to-day experiences at work. More than one in three of the women polled stated that they had experienced sexual harassment at least once during their careers.

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