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Nursing mothers face discrimination at work

Nursing mothers in Tennessee and across the country have protected rights on the job under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and other laws. While one mother recently won a $1.5 million jury verdict after facing harassment over nursing that forced her to stop breastfeeding, other nursing mothers continue to face serious problems on the job. One report indicates that lactating women are often denied time to take pumping breaks. When they do get breaks to pump, they are often directed to inappropriate, public or unsanitary spaces. In other cases, these women may face sexual harassment or inappropriate comments from other co-workers.

Proposal could reduce age discrimination in the workplace

Older workers in Tennessee may face greater protection in the workplace if a bipartisan proposal makes its way through Congress and becomes a law. Sponsored by a Republican and a Democrat each in the House and Senate, the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act will make it less difficult for workers to claim age discrimination.

Labor Department to propose overtime rule change

Workers in Tennessee and across the country may be affected by a new rule on overtime pay scheduled to be announced soon. Reports indicate that the Department of Labor has drafted a new regulation for review by the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. The agency must review new regulations before they go into effect to ensure that the rule-making process meets with legal standards and responsibilities. It can take up to three months to review the proposed rule, but no minimum period is required before approval.

Survey of tech workers reveals fear of age discrimination

Workers in many industries throughout Tennessee might worry about age discrimination, but the concern is especially prevalent among people in the technology sector. A survey conducted by the job website Indeed.com asked 1,011 technology professionals about their attitudes toward age and the possibility of discrimination. Responses from people with work experience averaging 15 years and 9 months showed that 43 percent of them worried about job loss due to their age.

The many ways breastfeeding discrimination hurts working mothers

Employers in Tennessee and throughout the country are supposed to allow mothers to take time to breastfeed. Mothers who need to pump milk are generally entitled to breaks to do so in a private area. However, employers don't always provide accommodations to those who need them. In some cases, workers are terminated for complaining about breastfeeding discrimination in their workplaces. This can have many negative repercussions for female workers such as jeopardizing their financial security.

7th Circuit Court allows age discrimination against job seekers

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit has issued a ruling that excludes job candidates from the protections created by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Although this court does not impact Tennessee, the decision reveals a weakness in the laws meant to protect people over 40 from age discrimination. The panel of judges believed that the law only applied to a company's existing employees and not job candidates in regard to disparate impact.

9 auto plant workers sue GM for racial discrimination

Many people view employment at the General Motors plant in Tennessee, but racial discrimination can taint even good jobs. A lawsuit representing nine current and former employees of one of the company's facilities alleges that the African-American workers suffered racial intimidation at the hands of white co-workers. Court documents claim that GM did not adequately respond to complaints about civil rights violations.

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