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For many people in the gaming world in Tennessee, working at Blizzard is a career goal. However, several developers and former employees at the video game company have come forward to discuss incidents of racial discrimination, harassment and abuse. One former employee said that he has complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about his experience at the firm. He said that he was subjected to racial abuse while working with the company’s “Hearthstone” game’s e-sports unit through grueling, lengthy shifts.

As a full-time employee, the man said that he was the target of racial insults on the job. One co-worker accused him of being prone to harassing others because he was Mexican. He said that these repeated comments provoked severe depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts. He said that all of this began after a debate about gendered words in the English and Spanish languages at the job, after which a formerly friendly co-worker accused him of being sexist. Despite being born Mexican herself, the former employee says that she directed racial harassment at him due to his national origin and ethnicity.

The man said that he received little support on the job and that he was accused by others of being sexist in relation to the original debate. He later resigned from the company. However, he began to issue public statements and contact the media after reports of the company promoting inclusiveness among its characters, saying that it presented a false image of the company’s actual failure to deal with racism at work.

Employees in all kinds of industries can face serious problems with discrimination and harassment, even at well-known companies or in desirable positions. They might want to meet with an attorney to see what recourse might be available to them.

Source: Comic Book, “Ex-Blizzard Employee Alleges Racial Abuse and Discrimination, ‘I Wanted to Die’“, Liana Ruppert, Jan. 9, 2019