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Tennessee residents who are concerned about workplace discrimination should be aware that L’Oreal has been sued for racial discrimination and creating a toxic work environment. This incident provides an example of what could happen if a company neglects to address claims of discrimination internally.

The former vice president of digital marketing at L’Oreal allegedly had several experiences with other high-ranking employees that led her to believe she was being discriminated against because she is black. She also claims she witnessed an executive watching adult-oriented videos during a business meeting.

On a business trip to Europe, the former vice president claims she felt physically threatened by a colleague. She believed he was threatening and disrespecting her because she was black, so she promptly submitted an internal complaint to her boss, who assured her the issue would be addressed as soon as he was back from vacation. However, she was instead fired.

The former vice president feels that L’Oreal capitalized on her race while her colleagues and superiors were disrespecting her. The lawsuit states that her knowledge of racial issues in America allowed the product lines of Matrix and Biolage to create campaigns and projects that would resonate with the black community, despite being potentially offensive or off-base.

The former vice president is suing for compensation of lost wages due to her unjust firing. She is also seeking compensatory and punitive damages as is typical in workplace discrimination lawsuits. Her attorney may be able to prove that L’Oreal created a hostile work environment because the company’s subsequent investigation did not involve asking her for her side of the story.

Workplace discrimination is a very real problem that affects many Americans. However, an attorney with experience in workplace discrimination may be able to help an affected employee seek compensation for lost wages and damages.