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Sexual harassment initiative pursued by entertainment unions

The #MeToo movement has drawn increasing attention to the problem of workplace sexual harassment in Nashville and across the country. The entertainment industry, from music to movies, has been a particularly significant target of the campaign as serious examples of sexual assault have been revealed in a number of reports, lawsuits and personal stories shared on social media. As a result, several large labor unions in the industry have come together to create a pledge against sexual harassment.

Know the difference: Joking or harassment?

In the workplace, women (and sometimes men) are vulnerable to harassment from employees, third parties and even their bosses. It is a sad reality that many people have to worry about what they say or do each day, just so that they can avoid awkward or potentially dangerous situations with others.

Sexual harassment scandal prompts television network grants

Television viewers in Tennessee and across the country have raised concerns about CBS' record on sexual harassment, and the company is responding as a result. After the former chairman and CEO of the network, Les Moonves, was fired from his position after a series of harassment complaints, the network has announced $20 million in gifts to organizations fighting discrimination against women in the workplace. The network said that the donations are meant to support the organizations' work and highlight the network's commitment to bolstering an anti-harassment culture in the workplace.

Watch for warning signs of distraction in vehicles near yours

Distraction leads to a large number of motor vehicle accidents every year. There is no clear statistic on exactly how many crashes distraction actually causes. Statistics regarding the reason for a collision typically rely on eyewitness reports or self-reported behavior from those involved in the crash. Many individuals are loath to admit that distraction played a part in a collision.

Not all sexual harassment cases get reported

Workplace harassment that takes place in Tennessee and other states is likely to go unreported. If it does get reported, it may mean negative consequences for the person who did so. This was the takeaway from an analysis of harassment charges brought to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and similar state agencies from 2012 to 2016.

What the law considers unpaid wages

When employees in Tennessee work for an employer, they must be paid. The pay must come on a regular schedule, and in some cases, overtime wages are required. Workers are advised to check their pay stubs and tax documents to ensure that they have received the wages that they are entitled to. There are many ways in which an employer could try to avoid paying an employee.

Sexual harassment is often in the eyes of the beholder

Anyone in the workplace, either employer or employee, would find it difficult to suggest they are not aware of sexual harassment. Many resources for training and education have been expended in this area. Yet the problem still exists. Whether it's unwelcome sexual advances or creating a hostile, intimidating or offensive work atmosphere, sexual harassment is all too common throughout Tennessee and the rest of the U.S.

Signs of workplace racial discrimination

Employers are not allowed to discriminate against employees or potential employees on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Some signs of racial discrimination are surprisingly apparent, but in many cases, the signs are subtler.

L'Oreal to face workplace discrimination suit

Tennessee residents who are concerned about workplace discrimination should be aware that L'Oreal has been sued for racial discrimination and creating a toxic work environment. This incident provides an example of what could happen if a company neglects to address claims of discrimination internally.

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