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Riot Games’ hit production “League of Legends” has fans across Tennessee, but the company itself has been beset by allegations of sexism, especially after journalists exposed allegation from current and former female employees. These workers cited instances of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual attention on the job as well as a company culture in which women were routinely denied opportunities for employment or advancement. Now, two women, a current employee and a former employee, have come together to file a class-action lawsuit against the video game developer.

The case accuses Riot Games of violating several aspects of state law, including the California Fair Pay Act, and laws prohibiting gender discrimination in the workplace. The pair of women who filed the suit say that they were denied promotions and equal pay because of their gender. They’re also seeking the suit to be certified as a class action case for all female employees at Riot Games. In August 2018, journalists spoke to current and former workers, many of whom recounted a deeply sexist work environment. The 2,500 employees at the company are 80 percent male, and reports indicate that female job applicants were routinely turned down because they did not fit the company’s image of “core gamers.”

In addition, the workers allege that they lost out on opportunities for promotion and higher pay because they are women. Instead, when women workers filed complaints about misconduct, they were brushed aside and their complaints ignored. The company has since apologized for some of the reported misconduct, but many people accused of discrimination remain in their jobs.

Women continue to face serious workplace discrimination, even at leading tech companies and in highly skilled professions. An employment lawyer can help someone who has faced discrimination on the job take legal action to seek compensation for their losses.