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On-call work may entitle employees to overtime pay

If employees in Tennessee or any other state are asked to be on-call for their employers, they may be entitled to overtime pay. This depends on how many hours they work during the rest of the week and how much time is spent working while on-call. Generally speaking, employees are considered to be working if they are not able to pursue personal activities during a certain period of time.

Reporting an employer to the Tennessee Labor Board

When an employer in Tennessee has a work-related complaint to file, it's not always as simple as going to a single agency. In fact, there are different Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development divisions, and each one handles different types of employer complaints. When workers know where to turn to file a complaint, the investigation process will generally begin sooner. Also, having the alleged violation(s) officially documented may minimize issues employees may have if they need to pursue legal action.

Tech companies changing forced arbitration policies

In Tennessee and throughout the country, much has been made about sexual harassment in the workplace and in society in general. Recently, Facebook has announced that it will no longer require workers to enter into arbitration in sexual harassment cases. The policy was criticized as a means of keeping victims quiet and preventing the public from knowing the true extent of the problem. The company also made changes to its relationship disclosure policy.

Riot Games employees challenge a culture of sexism

Riot Games' hit production "League of Legends" has fans across Tennessee, but the company itself has been beset by allegations of sexism, especially after journalists exposed allegation from current and former female employees. These workers cited instances of sexual harassment and unwanted sexual attention on the job as well as a company culture in which women were routinely denied opportunities for employment or advancement. Now, two women, a current employee and a former employee, have come together to file a class-action lawsuit against the video game developer.

Sexual harassment widespread among doctors and medical students

The health care industry possesses many traits that contribute to its high rate of sexual harassment among doctors and medical students. Medical schools and hospitals in Tennessee and around the country operate under hierarchical structures and tend to have male-dominated leaderships. Researchers have identified these characteristics as a breeding ground for sexual harassment. Surveys of female doctors show that as many as 70 percent of them have experienced harassment on the job. Sometimes half of female medical students have been sexually harassed before graduating.

Businesses mostly unaware of the extent of sexual harassment

A survey of 1,000 working adults conducted by a public relations company identified disparate views between executives and rank-and-file employees on the subject of sexual harassment. According to the research, companies in Tennessee likely have little awareness at the management level of sexual harassment. The survey indicated that almost 70 percent of business leaders "strongly agreed" that their organizations did not tolerate sexual harassment, but only a minority of workers agreed with that belief.

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