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Workers in Tennessee who are concerned about workplace discrimination may be interested to learn that Nike is facing a lawsuit filed by four female employees. The suit is among the first filed against the athletic apparel company since multiple complaints regarding bullying and pay discrepancies were published in early 2018.

In March and April of 2018, 11 executives were let go from the company. According to one employment attorney, however, the dismissals of the executives are an insufficient response to the issue of the pervasive discrimination that takes place at Nike.

The lawsuit claims that women who are hired at Nike receive less compensation than the men and are assessed more critically. This results in the women receiving smaller bonuses and raises. The employment attorney asserts that dismissing the executives is an attempt by the company to place all of the blame for the discriminatory behavior on a small number of people.

According to the women who filed the lawsuit, an environment of unequal pay and sexual harassment was cultivated by the company. Nike is being accused of violations of the Oregon Equality Act, the Federal Equal Pay Act and the Oregon Equal Pay Act. While the women have not requested specific monetary damages, they are pursuing a court order that requires the company to fairly compensate its employees with no regard to their gender.

An attorney who practices employment law may advise clients who have been victims of some form of workplace discrimination. The attorney could consider the circumstances of a case and pursue financial damages against the employer for gender discrimination and workplace harassment. The appropriate federal authorities may be notified if the behaviors violate certain laws.