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Despite progress over the years, workplace discrimination continues to be a serious problem affecting women and people of color. This is even the case in some of the largest, most well-publicized companies in Tennessee and across the country. For example, the head of human resources at ride-sharing company Uber resigned in July following a number of scandals related to workplace harassment and discrimination.

The human resources director’s resignation was reported to employees in an email without an explanation for her departure. However, news reports indicated that the resignation came following the department’s mishandling of several complaints about racial discrimination. According to an investigation, the HR director ignored ongoing anonymous complaints about the workplace culture and treatment of workers of color at the firm. The company had earlier come under scrutiny for the treatment of women in the workplace, especially after a former engineer at Uber published a widely-distributed blog post that highlighted ongoing problems with sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

At the time, an independent investigation team hired by the firm made a series of recommendations to improve work culture, including implementing a process to track and escalate complaints of discrimination on the job. In addition, 400 current and past Uber workers filed a lawsuit for discrimination against the company, saying that they had been passed over for promotions and raises as women and workers of color. It was settled earlier in 2018 with promises to change the company’s pay practices.

High-profile companies can be no exception to the problems of racism and sexism that continue to affect American society. When people face workplace discrimination, an employment lawyer can help them to pursue justice and seek compensation for the harms they have suffered, including missed promotions, artificially depressed pay or wrongful terminations.