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Workplace harassment often comes with silence

Women throughout the country are starting to have their voices heard when it comes to harassment. However, it's important to remember that a Tennessee workplace isn't necessarily free of abuse just because complaints aren't made. A national study found that 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men had experienced sexual assault or other forms of harassment at some point. Many victims still don't report abuse due to fear of retaliation.

Same-sex sexual harassment is an often overlooked issue

Social awareness of sexual harassment and discrimination at work has been on the rise in the last few decades. Currently, the vast majority of large employers in the United States have specific discrimination and sexual harassment policies in place. The purpose of these policies is to protect employees from hostile work environments, as well as to protect employees from potential lawsuits.

Uber executive resigns following discrimination concerns

Despite progress over the years, workplace discrimination continues to be a serious problem affecting women and people of color. This is even the case in some of the largest, most well-publicized companies in Tennessee and across the country. For example, the head of human resources at ride-sharing company Uber resigned in July following a number of scandals related to workplace harassment and discrimination.

Lawsuit from Trump's driver seeks $200,000 in unpaid overtime

The lawsuit filed by President Trump's long-time personal driver illustrates the problems that employees in Tennessee sometimes have getting paid for overtime. Court filings from the 59-year-old man described the Trump Organization's failure to pay him for 3,300 hours of overtime over the course of six years. He wants a settlement of about $200,000.

Age discrimination commonplace and growing say EEOC and AARP

People in Tennessee workplaces might notice changes in how they are treated as they age. A survey from the American Association for Retired Persons and data collected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission indicate that age discrimination is commonplace. It results in problems like harassment and discriminatory firings.

Emotional distress and workplace discrimination

People in Tennessee who face sexual harassment or workplace discrimination can suffer emotional damages as well as the financial losses that come from an unjust dismissal or refusal of a promotion or job opportunity. Under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, victims of these types of injustice in the workplace may be able to recover compensatory damages for their emotional distress suffered as a result.

Ways to combat age discrimination at work

According to a report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, age discrimination is still occurring despite the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. The law prevents employers in Tennessee and throughout the country from discriminating based on age against those who are 40 or older. Acts that could be considered discriminatory include mandatory retirement policies, improper termination and improper hiring practices. In addition to EEOC enforcement, 49 states have their own law to protect against age discrimination at work.

Workplace bullying could be illegal discrimination

Workers in Tennessee who face bullying or intimidation on the job may wonder what kind of action they can take to put an end to the mistreatment on the job. In some cases, affected workers may try to remain silent, hoping that a lack of reaction will cause the bullies to lose interest or that another person will notice the issue and step in. In other cases, workers may attempt to file a complaint, but they can be concerned about the threat of retaliation and further abuse.

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