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Tennessee viewers of “Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf” who are wondering about the host’s dismissal from the show can get her side of the story from the lawsuit she just filed. Court filings describe her abrupt dismissal after she confided to her employers that the death of a close friend had triggered a recurrence of clinical depression. Her lawsuit names NBCUniversal, LX and the LX senior vice-president as defendants and accuses them of discriminating against her because of a mental health disability. She seeks compensatory and consequential damages in amounts to be determined at trial.

Statements from Greenleaf within the lawsuit describe changing reasons for her job termination. Initially, her employer claimed that she had been insubordinate. The employer’s reasons then changed multiple times until she received a termination letter stating that she had violated her obligation to work exclusively for NBC.

Greenleaf said that her employer had known about her depression for years. Despite her struggle, she maintains that she produced quality work and had not received any warnings from her employer regarding her performance. She has taken legal action to stand up for people whose rights are violated at work. She said that people should not have to worry about their jobs when they seek treatment for mental illness.

Employment law provides protections for workers from disability discrimination and directs employers to accommodate employees whenever possible. A person mistreated, denied employment or fired because of a disability may speak with an attorney to learn if workplace discrimination might have occurred. An attorney may be able to review work records to determine if laws were broken and then prepare a legal complaint against the employer.

Source: The Cut, “Ex-Talk Stoop Host Is Suing NBC for Disability Discrimination“, Amanda Arnold, April 3, 2018