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A new sexual harassment reporting system from a nonprofit called Callisto may make it easier to protect tech founders from being harassed by investors. It will allow those in Tennessee and throughout the country to make allegations on an anonymous basis while posting information about potential abusers. It is expected to go live in the summer of 2018, and there is already a version aimed at helping those on college campuses report harassment and abuse.

The tech version will focus on two distinct types of sexual harassment. In addition to allowing people to report physical contact of a sexual nature, it will also allow individuals to report those who make sexual requests as well. These overtures could be made by a supervisor, industry figure or anyone else who may hold power over the victim in a professional setting. If a perpetrator is named by more than one victim, each person will be contacted by a counselor from Callisto.

A counselor can inform victims about their options for holding a harasser liable for his or her actions. The goal of the system is to get people to speak up about their experiences by learning that others have spoken up as well. The #MeToo movement has generally supported the idea that individuals are more likely to open up about their experiences if they don’t feel alone in doing so.

People who have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances may be victims of illegal behavior in the workplace. Individuals who have been harassed or abused may wish to file a lawsuit or take other steps to hold a perpetrator accountable for his or her actions. An attorney may also help victims take the necessary steps to obtain compensation or other relief as allowed by law.