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Many older professionals face serious age discrimination at work

Years of experience on the job can turn the average professional into a niche expert. This, in turn, can make older employees of incredible value to their employers. Understanding how a system works, how a product works or how your employer processes orders can make performing a job simpler. It can even help you catch issues before they arise and allow you to make intelligent suggestions to improve performance and efficiency.

Workplaces not always friendly to new parents

Tennessee residents may have heard that a senator from Illinois is going to be the first women to give birth while serving in such a role. However, she may not be able to vote while she is on maternity leave. This is because a senator is required to be present to cast a vote, and children are not allowed on the floor of the Senate.

TV host Cat Greenleaf cites disability discrimination in lawsuit

Tennessee viewers of "Talk Stoop With Cat Greenleaf" who are wondering about the host's dismissal from the show can get her side of the story from the lawsuit she just filed. Court filings describe her abrupt dismissal after she confided to her employers that the death of a close friend had triggered a recurrence of clinical depression. Her lawsuit names NBCUniversal, LX and the LX senior vice-president as defendants and accuses them of discriminating against her because of a mental health disability. She seeks compensatory and consequential damages in amounts to be determined at trial.

Target agrees to settle discrimination lawsuit

As part of Target's hiring process, prospective employees in Tennessee could be subject to a background check. However, a legal compliant made by the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund alleged that the system was discriminatory against Latino and black workers. The case was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York. Those who may have been denied jobs because of the background check process since May 11, 2006, were included in the suit.

Employees and contractors don't have the same rights

Freelance or contract workers are often treated differently than employees under state and federal employment law. For instance, a Tennessee freelancer can't sue for gender discrimination or harassment. This could lead such an individual to stop pursuing their passion or otherwise slow their potential for growth in their chosen career. As the number of freelance or contract workers continues to rise, there are questions being raised about how to better protect them in the workplace.

New system designed to help those in the tech industry

A new sexual harassment reporting system from a nonprofit called Callisto may make it easier to protect tech founders from being harassed by investors. It will allow those in Tennessee and throughout the country to make allegations on an anonymous basis while posting information about potential abusers. It is expected to go live in the summer of 2018, and there is already a version aimed at helping those on college campuses report harassment and abuse.

Former Saints cheerleader sues team over gender discrimination

Tennessee football fans may be interested to learn that a former New Orleans Saints cheerleader is suing the team over gender discrimination. The complaint was filed with the assistance of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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