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At one point, employers looked at older employees as bastions of knowledge and wisdom. Today, they may be seen as weak and ineffective. For some older workers in Tennessee companies, it may be possible to avoid the negative perceptions that employers may have about them. In fact, there may be some steps that may be taken to counter the belief that older workers are ineffective or not qualified to do a job.

For instance, evolving with the times may help people get ahead regardless of their age. This may mean adopting casual attire at work if appropriate or learning the new technology companies are using. Individuals are encouraged to take classes or seek help from colleagues if necessary. By embracing changes in technology and workplace culture, it may be easier for companies to see older workers as capable of being a valuable part of the workforce.

Of course, workers can’t completely control how others perceive them or treat them. Those who believe that they have been discriminated against based on their age should reference the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. It makes it illegal to base employment decisions solely based on age, and it applies to workers who are 40 or older.

Workers who haven’t received a promotion or don’t receive job training may be victims of age discrimination. Employers that engage in age discrimination may be violating state or federal employment law. An attorney may review a case to determine if an employment decision was based solely or primarily on the age of the employee. This may be done by reviewing personnel records or statements made by managers at the company. If successful, a victim of age discrimination may be entitled to back pay or other relief as allowed by law.