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Someone else driving distracted could cause you serious injury

Most people understand that drunk drivers pose a major threat to other people on the road. While many people are aware of how dangerous distracted driving can be, far too many people fail to take this public safety threat seriously enough. Even reading or sending one text could result in a crash that causes serious injuries or even kills someone else.

Study looks at workplace gender discrimination

Female employees in Tennessee and around the country may be more likely than their male counterparts to experience gender discrimination in the workplace according to a study by the Pew Research Center. The study found that 42 percent of women reported gender discrimination at work compared to 22 percent of men.

Online tech enabling increased attention on sexual harassment

The ease of online conversations could be increasing media attention on sexual harassment. Employees in Tennessee and elsewhere have experienced this mistreatment for decades, but they often had to deal with the issue in isolation. One workplace consultant said that the internet has connected victims and allowed them to draw attention to the problem.

Sexual harassment policies toothless without enforcement

Many companies in Tennessee mean well when they develop sexual harassment policies, but enforcement makes the difference in the lives of employees. An attorney and university instructor said that managers must take responsibility for ensuring that employees follow the rules.

Addressing the problem of workplace sexual harassment

The news in Tennessee and around the country has been filled with reports of powerful figures who have allegedly engaged in sexual harassment. These reports beg the question of how prevalent sexual harassment in the workplace truly is. Regardless of how frequently it might occur, it is against federal law.

Transgender woman awarded $1.1 million in discrimination case

Tennessee residents might be interested in learning that a transgender professor has won a $1.1 million verdict award for gender discrimination. The professor was hired by Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2004 in a tenure-track position as an assistant English professor while she was still presenting as a man.

Job discrimination prevalent among LGBT community

The findings of a survey from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights indicated that transgender people face a high level of job discrimination in Tennessee and elsewhere. A representative from the commission said that nearly every transgender worker responding to the survey reported unfair treatment and harassment in the workplace.

Congress moving toward mandatory harassment training

Tennessee residents may have heard about stories of sexual harassment in the news recently. According to Speaker Paul Ryan, all members of the House will undergo anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training. Staff members of those representatives also will receive this training. The move comes after the Senate approved a measure requiring all that senators as well as their staff and interns undergo training to prevent sexual harassment.

One-third of Native Americans experience workplace discrimination

Tennessee readers may be interested to learn that approximately one-third of Native Americans report experiencing workplace discrimination based on their race or ethnicity, according to a new survey. The survey was conducted on behalf of National Public Radio, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Know the difference between employees and independent contractors

Many employment issues hinge on the classification of an employee. In some cases, employers might try to claim that someone is an independent contractor instead of an employee in order to avoid having to address certain matters. Understand the difference so that you can ensure that you are classified correctly.

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