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Sexual harassment at work may be a problem for employers in Tennessee and throughout the country. While most people acknowledge that it exists, men may have a hard time engaging their female counterparts in a discussion about the issue. However, it is important that men and others who witness or hear about sexual harassment to talk about it. Many victims and witnesses fail to report such behavior out of fear that it could cause additional problems.

One of the best ways to combat sexual harassment may be to say something when it happens instead of waiting or hesitating. This may be a good thing to do even if there are no women or other victims present. Taking such a stand may make efforts to combat sexual harassment more legitimate. Those who are interested in learning more about the issue may wish to talk to those who may have experienced it.

However, people are not required to share their story for the benefit of a colleague. Employees who are concerned about sexual harassment within their workplace may benefit by asking for training conducted by the employer. This may help to define sexual harassment policies within the workplace or help to expose biases that may hinder both male and female employees alike.

When sexual harassment creates a hostile working environment, the job performance of the victim often suffers. Many people are reluctant to bring it up to human resources or their supervisors because they fear that they will be retaliated against. This is against the law, and people who have been the target of such type of unwanted behavior might want to discuss their situations with an employment law attorney.