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Tennessee residents may be interested in the latest information about the class-action lawsuit against Google that accuses the company of age discrimination. The case now involves 269 people who claim they were the target of such behavior.

The lawsuit began in 2015 with one plaintiff, and it was certified as a class action in 2016. Engineering job applicants who are represented in the case claim that they were turned down for jobs because of their age. A plaintiff who joined the case in 2015 said that a recruiter told her she had to include her graduation dates on her resume so that the company would know how old she is.

Google denies the charges. A spokesperson for the company says that it has strong anti-discrimination policies, which include age discrimination. A judge in the case responded to that by saying that having an official anti-discrimination policy does not protect a company from an anti-discrimination lawsuit.

Google was previously charged with age discrimination in 2004, but that case was settled out of court. A representative of AARP says that age discrimination is a problem in the tech industry. According to an AARP survey, two-thirds of tech workers say they have personally experienced or witnessed workplace age discrimination.

Anti-discrimination laws protect workers from many types of workplace discrimination, but just because someone who is a member of a protected class has had a negative experience at work does not mean it is a definite case of discrimination. It could be difficult for people to prove that their employer discriminated against them solely due to their being a member of a certain class. They may want to have legal assistance when they are collecting evidence.