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Now that the Trump administration has assumed its position in the government, it seems apparent that there could be some sweeping changes in regard to federal policies and regulations. As an employee, you may feel concerned that these changes will affect your rights in the workplace. This sense of insecurity is quite reasonable when you consider that President Trump and the Republican party reportedly want to roll back no less than 75 percent of certain business regulations.

However, at a recent employment law conference, an Equal Employment Opportunity commissioner offered some reassuring words. The commissioner stated that sexual harassment will retain a top priority status within the EEOC.

While speaking at the conference, the commissioner also advised those in attendance to use a checklist that was part of the agency’s report on harassment. The checklist covered such items as harassment reporting systems and investigations, anti-harassment policies, compliance training and leadership, and accountability.

The EEOC has good reason to place an emphasis on battling sexual harassment in the workplace; according to the commissioner, a third of all complaints received by the EEOC involve sexual harassment.

We hope that the EEOC is able to continue dealing with sexual harassment issues as forcefully and efficiently as possible. But if you have been subject to harassment at your place of employment, you may want to seek the counsel of an experienced employment rights attorney. There are a variety of measures, including filing a complaint with the EEOC, that can be taken as a response to sexual harassment. An attorney can help you choose the most effective path based on your specific circumstances.

Source: HR Drive, “EEOC to stay on course with sexual harassment enforcement,” Valerie Bolden-Barrett, Mar. 16, 2017