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Drivers who suffer from fatigue or who deal with distractions are more likely to get into an accident. These drivers pose a risk to other people who are on the road with them. Crashes can occur that lead to serious injuries. As attorneys who represent people injured by distracted drivers, we offer some tips to keep yourself safe on the road.

#1: Smartphone usage

Smartphones are a wonderful tool that enable people to stay in touch almost constantly. It is imperative that drivers don’t allow these devices to distract them while they drive. They must also ensure that they don’t allow the smartphone to keep them awake before they must drive. Smartphone usage can lead to fatigue if they prevent a driver from sleeping and distraction if they prevent the driver from focusing on the road.

#2: Being lost in thought

Driving takes one’s full attention. Drivers can’t get lost in thought to the point that these thoughts take their attention from their driving duties. This means that drivers can’t let things like personal situations, stress or other similar factors distract them from bring behind the wheel of a weapon when treated carelessly!

#3: Medical conditions

Medical conditions can make sleep difficult. Without sleep, drivers can suffer from fatigue. This is very serious because fatigued drivers aren’t able to react to the hazards on the roadway in the manner in which they should.

#4: Gadgets in the car

Gadgets in the car can distract drivers. Trying to change the station on the radio, change the climate control or reconfigure the GPS are some examples of actions that might distract drivers.

#5: Other occupants of the vehicle

Talking to other people in the vehicle can help some drivers to stay awake while they drive. In some cases, such as when the occupants are being loud and boisterous, the driver might not have his or her entire focus on the road.

#6: Factors outside of the vehicle

Billboards and other things around the vehicle can distract drivers. It is imperative that all drivers learn how to pay attention to the other vehicles on the road and the roadway instead of the things on the side of the road.

#7: Eating and drinking

Eating and drinking can also lead to distraction. Many people don’t think that a sip of coffee or a bit of a burger will cause issues. Still, these seemingly simple require attention. This can lead to a car accident.