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The victims of a semi-truck crash might opt to seek compensation for the damages from the crash. These damages can often involve considerable expenses for the victims. One important factor in these cases is the cause of the crash. Here are six possibilities to consider if you are working to determine the cause of the crash that led to your injuries.

#1: Defective components

Components on the semi-truck must be in good working order if the truck will perform as intended. Any defective components can lead the truck not to stop properly or handle like it should. Semi-truck manufacturers or component manufacturers might be the defendants in cases that are the result of defective components.

#2: Trucking company policies and expectations

Trucking companies often promise customers deliveries on a very tight schedule. Overpromising makes it difficult for the trucker to ensure that safety comes first and that he or she can get the sleep necessary to drive safely. Trying to rush might lead the trucker to speed or not follow appropriate driving protocol.

#3: Failure to comply with regulations

Laws help to keep truckers and other on the roads safe. When truckers don’t comply with them, accidents can occur. One example is if a trucker drives longer than that Hours of Service regulations allow. The trucker might suffer from fatigue. This demand can lead to semi-truck accidents.

#4: Driving too fast for conditions

Speeding might lead to crashes. This behavior is particularly the case if the trucker is in traffic or is driving at speeds that are too fast for current road conditions. It is imperative that truckers always drive at a speed that is safe, even if that speed is slower than the speed limit. Many times, people forget that the speed limit is the maximum allowable speed and not the slowest speed a driver can move.

#5: Not following traffic laws

Traffic laws are meant to keep everyone on the road safe. Failing to follow traffic laws can lead to severe accidents. One example is when a trucker drives through a red light. He or she might slam into a car that is traveling through a green light.

#6: Actions of other drivers

The actions of other drivers might lead to an accident. Drivers who try to dart in front of the semi-truck might not leave the trucker enough room to maneuver. This overcrowding may result in an accident. In these cases, you might hold the driver instead of the trucker accountable if you file a claim for compensation after the accident.