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The professional world is widely considered to be a tough environment to most budding employees and entrepreneurs. With each passing day, more companies have opted to make significant changes on their management structure to cut down on expenses. Since labor constitutes as one of the main expenses, it only makes sense when a company tries to come up with an efficient machine that costs less in maintenance. The downside effect of this ideology translates to laying off federal employees from the workforce. In most cases, old workers tend to fall victim based on their less demanding jobs. Valid as these ideologies may be, such seclusion directly constitutes to workplace discrimination.

Sometimes, an employer might try to get you to quit voluntarily by creating a hostile work environment. To do this, they may engage in questionable and demoralizing behavior which essentially includes:

  • Ignoring you for a promotion in favor of a less qualified and younger co-worker
  • Exhibiting too much concern on your retirement plans or making biased comments regarding your age
  • Giving you negative reviews as soon as you have attained 50 or 60 years of age
  • Enforcing different disciplinary actions against you compared to your younger colleagues

Being a victim of workplace discrimination can be a demoralizing and frightening experience, to say the least. Fortunately, the enactment of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act specifically protects workers from biased decisions based on their age. However, such laws can only be enforced when you have attained 40 years old and the company you work for has more than 8 workers. It is understandable when an enterprise intends to cut down on operating expenses. However, it is advisable to adopt an alternative that works in the best interests of all parties. This means workers slated for laying off should be notified in advance or absorbed in an understaffed department.

In some cases, an employer might adopt passive techniques that hardly reveal their intention to let you go. In such a case, it’s in your best interests to discover and reveal their real motives immediately. In such a situation, getting adequate evidence to back your suspicions can be of great value.

If you or your relative has fallen victim to workplace discrimination, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced workplace discrimination lawyer for basic legal advice.