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Many Tennessee residents who are considered to be baby boomers intend to continue working past what is considered to be the conventional retirement age. However, research shows that it can be very difficult to actually get hired the older an applicant gets.

For the study, researchers sent out 40,000 resumes that were identical with the exception of the applicant’s age. They found that the call-back rate for an interview dropped as the ages got higher. The results were even worse when gender was taken into consideration. Researchers said that the call-back rate dropped by about a quarter from the young adult group to the middle-age group. It then dropped another quarter from the middle-age group to about age 65.

Age discrimination is illegal under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. However, there are still ways employers may attempt to get around this. For example, companies may give guidelines to job recruiters to look for applicants who were just out of college or who only had a certain amount of experience. This is a tactic that a tobacco company attempted, though this ultimately led to a lawsuit being filed. Even so, the company argued that the age discrimination law only protects employees who have already been hired, not those who were job seekers.

Age discrimination can make it very difficult for people to get hired or, if they are already hired, perform their work to the best of their abilities. If a job seeker has evidence that a company is discriminating against older individuals, an employment law attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit. If the company refuses to negotiate and the evidence of discrimination is strong, the attorney may take the case to trial.