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Combating sexual harassment in the workplace can be a tall order for most workers. It not only puts you in awkward positions of having to put up with sexual advances from your employer, but it also affects productivity in more ways than you can imagine. In most cases, women tend to fall victim to sexual innuendo and unwanted sexual advances based on their attractive looks. Men have also fallen victim in recent years, though most cases remain unreported due to possible stigmatization they may face. Based on a recent study, most victims of sexual harassment fail to make sound decisions in fear of demotion or loss of job in the worst case scenario.

It’s undoubtedly clear that constant sexual harassment can affect your mental and physical well-being with serious health consequences. Such unwanted sexual advances can cause adverse effects in the following ways:

  • High blood pressure: According to medical researchers, sexual harassment directly contributes to higher blood pressure based on psychological triggers associated with cardiovascular diseases. It is hypothesized that constant sexual innuendo inadvertently leads to stress, with a serious effect on mental and physical stability.
  • Sleep disturbances: When an employer or colleague constantly harasses you, it tends to triggers nightmares which can keep you awake for long periods of the night.
  • Long-term depression: It has been scientifically proven that victims of sexual harassment exhibit symptoms of self-blame or self-doubt as they navigate turbulent relationships with their bosses.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: Researchers have revealed a deep connection between PTSD and sexual harassment if not handled appropriately in time.

To curb such rampant cases, Tennessee has enacted labor laws specifically intended to protect workers from unwanted sexual advances at the workplace. Apart from physical confrontation, a perpetrator might also distribute sexually explicit materials in the workplace in an attempt to entice you. Once an employer has regularly harassed you, it is high time to file a sexual harassment claim to hold unscrupulous bosses accountable for their wicked demands.

Despite their veiled attempts at pursuing you, it’s wise to prepare for potential retaliation. This means you might lose your job temporarily as their misguided attempt at punishing you.

If you have experienced sex discrimination, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Tennessee sexual harassment attorney for legal guidance.