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You were shopping in your favorite retail store when you slipped and fell. You landed on a display case and shattered the glass. Not only do you now have a broken arm, but you also suffered some severe lacerations. Your doctor informed you that it will be at least two weeks before you can return to your job on limited duty.

The accident has resulted in extensive medical bills and since you will have to attend physical therapy for the next several months, the expenses are adding up. Since you slipped and fell in a retailer, it is possible that you have a slip-and-fall case against the company. The below information on indoor slip-and-fall accident conditions can help you learn your next steps.

Retailers have a duty to follow basic safety rules

Employees must keep the store clean. This means that a cleaning crew will mop, wax, or polish the floors. If the staff did not provide proper warning for customers, it is possible that the storeowner may be liable for your injuries and your lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

There are many things that staff could do to warn customers of hazardous areas. For example, they could have put wet floor warning signs in place or put up some kind of barrier to close off the area. If the cleaning crew applied an excessive amount of wax or polish or if it was applied unevenly, the store may be liable for your accident.

Other circumstances that may have caused your fall include leaving part of the floor untreated with wax or polish. Applying such treatment to a sloping or inclining floor can also cause customers to fall. The cleaning staff should also use cleaning mixtures that include non-skid ingredients to reduce the danger of a slippery floor.

Neglected carpeting is also a common cause for falls. The storeowner is responsible for the upkeep of rugs, mats and carpeting in order to reduce the risk of injury to both customers and employees. A torn, worn or bulging area in a carpet can easily cause you to trip and fall.

A tiny fall can have lasting implications

Slip-and-fall accidents may seem like minor accidents, but in the wrong circumstances, they can cause extensive injuries. Since your accident took place in a retail store, the owner may be at fault for not providing a safe environment and you may be entitled to compensation.