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EEOC commissioner vows to keep sexual harassment a priority issue

Now that the Trump administration has assumed its position in the government, it seems apparent that there could be some sweeping changes in regard to federal policies and regulations. As an employee, you may feel concerned that these changes will affect your rights in the workplace. This sense of insecurity is quite reasonable when you consider that President Trump and the Republican party reportedly want to roll back no less than 75 percent of certain business regulations.

Proper labeling may not always be required for EEOC charges

In Tennessee and other areas of the country, an individual usually requires a right-to-sue letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before filing an employment discrimination lawsuit. After investigating a complaint, the EEOC will determine whether there is cause to believe sexual discrimination occurred and the type of discrimination involved.

How companies discriminate against workers

Employers and employees alike in Tennessee and throughout the country may understand that sexual harassment in the workplace is a problem. However, according to one study, it is uncommon for employers to take concrete action after an employee reports sexual harassment. Furthermore, it was discovered that three out of four women who are subject to harassment never report the incident to a supervisor or union representative.

10th Circuit rules for employee in sex discrimination case

Tennessee residents may be interested in a case involving a mechanic who claimed that he was fired because he refused to have sex with his female boss. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit ruled that the Oklahoma trucking company that employed him must face the allegation in court. A lower court had ruled that the man didn't give adequate notice in an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim of quid pro quo harassment.

How companies may avoid sexual harassment lawsuits

Some Tennessee employees who are sexually harassed at work might first try to resolve the issue internally according to procedures set forth in the company manual. Unfortunately, some companies are more concerned with protecting themselves than their employees. In some high-profile sexual harassment cases, such as a class action suit against Sterling Jewelers, employees said that the resources that were supposed to help protect them could instead be used to hurt their careers.

THINX CEO faces sexual harassment allegations

Many Tennessee women may be familiar with the company THINX, which has set out to revolutionize the industry of feminine hygiene products. However, they may not be familiar with recent allegations against the company's founder and former CEO, who is alleged to have created a hostile work environment through sexual harassment.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Although the average American workplace has traveled leaves and bounds from the days in which women were treated as nothing more than slave labor, sexual harassment remains a serious problem in American work environments. Whether directed towards a man or woman, sexual harassment is never appropriate or an acceptable level of behavior. It should never be tolerated. However, it is a very serious reality and the only way to combat it is head-on with education and encouragement for victims to come forth.

Understanding Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a terrible and devastating reality and workplaces across the United States. Although much has been done to educate modern American employees and employers about sexual harassment, it continues to plague a variety of different work environments and industries. Sexual harassment can be conducted in many different ways adding to the ignorance associated with this heinous act.

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