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Older workers have more trouble getting call-backs

Many Tennessee residents who are considered to be baby boomers intend to continue working past what is considered to be the conventional retirement age. However, research shows that it can be very difficult to actually get hired the older an applicant gets.

How employers should handle religion at work

Tennessee employers are encouraged to make themselves aware of current events as they deal with religion in their workplaces. This is because public events or incidents centered on religion may influence how those of different faiths interact with each other at work. As a general rule, it is illegal to discriminate against an employee due to his or her religious beliefs or those of his or her friends or family members.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Although the average American workplace has traveled leaves and bounds from the days in which women were treated as nothing more than slave labor, sexual harassment remains a serious problem in American work environments. Whether directed towards a man or woman, sexual harassment is never appropriate or an acceptable level of behavior. It should never be tolerated. However, it is a very serious reality and the only way to combat it is head-on with education and encouragement for victims to come forth.

Facing workplace discrimination and what you can do

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the United States has come a long way in writing and passing laws designed to protect workers from facing discrimination in the work place, it still happens every day. Millions of working Americans are affected by workplace discrimination and have the right to seek protection and compensation for their damages as a result of that discrimination.

Understanding Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a terrible and devastating reality and workplaces across the United States. Although much has been done to educate modern American employees and employers about sexual harassment, it continues to plague a variety of different work environments and industries. Sexual harassment can be conducted in many different ways adding to the ignorance associated with this heinous act.

Overview of Tennessee wage and hour laws

Each state can set its wage and hour policy, subject to federal limits. States are free to provide wage and hour benefits that exceed the federal minimum, but they cannot go below it. Tennessee is no exception. This post will go over Tennessee's wage and hour laws and how may affect you.

Have you faced workplace discrimination due to a pregnancy?

It is unfortunately common for employers to intentionally discriminate against pregnant workers. Sometimes, it is obvious that is happening, as employers find a reason to terminate an employee who previously had no issues. Managers or co-workers may make inappropriate or derogatory statements about the pregnant worker or about the impact of pregnancy and missed work on the business.

What constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace?

Sexual harassment is unfortunately common in workplaces and offices across the United States. While sexual harassment has existed in American work environments since the beginning, the country has come a long way in recognizing it as a problem and passing laws to protect potential, current and past victims.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment is one of the most unfortunate and damaging forms of abuse that can occur in any work environment. It can have lasting effects that leave emotional scars that will not easily heal. Therefore, it is important that everyone be fully aware of what sexual harassment is, how it effects its victims, and how it should be handled in the workplace.

How Sexual Harassment Can Affect Your Mental and Physical Health

Combating sexual harassment in the workplace can be a tall order for most workers. It not only puts you in awkward positions of having to put up with sexual advances from your employer, but it also affects productivity in more ways than you can imagine. In most cases, women tend to fall victim to sexual innuendo and unwanted sexual advances based on their attractive looks. Men have also fallen victim in recent years, though most cases remain unreported due to possible stigmatization they may face. Based on a recent study, most victims of sexual harassment fail to make sound decisions in fear of demotion or loss of job in the worst case scenario.

Outlining Crucial Signs of Workplace Discrimination

The professional world is widely considered to be a tough environment to most budding employees and entrepreneurs. With each passing day, more companies have opted to make significant changes on their management structure to cut down on expenses. Since labor constitutes as one of the main expenses, it only makes sense when a company tries to come up with an efficient machine that costs less in maintenance. The downside effect of this ideology translates to laying off federal employees from the workforce. In most cases, old workers tend to fall victim based on their less demanding jobs. Valid as these ideologies may be, such seclusion directly constitutes to workplace discrimination.

Understanding the Benefits of Wage & Hour Laws in the Workplace

Workplace accidents have become a norm in most industries, though some companies have become infamous courtesy of the various risks workers face on a daily basis. In most cases, such accidents mainly revolve around construction equipment. Based on a recent study conducted by the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 22 local employees sustained catastrophic injuries at the workplace between January and August, which translates to a 36 percent increase in workplace injuries in 2014.

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